With the IT industry evolving/changing every single day, companies or projects, or teams are finding ways on how to keep up with the trend and not be outdated. …

Hi, my name is Pavel and I’m front-end developer at AnyMind ( AnyTag & AnyCreator platforms) and today I’d like to talk about how we are using react hooks to simplify our codebase, eliminate repetitive patterns and how you can recognize them.

Hi, my name is Pavel and I’m front-end…

Hi! I’m Chun Wei, front-end developer for the AnyTag team. In this article, I would like to introduce you about Recoil, a state management library for React.

What is state management

State management is simply a way to engender communication and sharing of data across application. It creates a concreate data structure to represent…

Greeting, I’m Wanchalerm Popee, a senior backend engineer of AnyTag/AnyCreator production team at AnyMind group. In this article, we’re going to set up Sentry integrated with Spring Boot, an application for monitoring and error tracking.

Covering topics

  • What is Sentry?
  • Sentry Project Setup
  • Integrating Sentry with Spring Boot
  • Testing our first event

This article mainly focus on Python and assumes you are already familiar with Python.

Why do we need Python Profilers?

Nowadays, our program is getting more complex in term of both business and coding level which can contain even thousands of code lines. …

Welcome to my blog post, this is Giacomini Federico. I work as a Front-end Developer for the AnyLogi team. Today I would like to introduce you to Nx, a “Smart, Extensible Build Framework” for building your Web Applications.

This post will go through the following points :

  1. A Quick introduction…

Hi! I am Alyssa Andrea, QA Engineer of the engineering department at Anymind Group.

I’ve been a manual functional tester for 5 years. Unparalleled in my abilities to find those crazy bugs and the only happy (not sure about devs) on the team to find them. I like doing regression…

When developing an application with Angular, we are basically fetching data from the API with the ngOnInit hook, and then rendering it to the UI. While waiting for the api to return the complete data, the component renders the loading, skeleton. etc

We still have another way to get the…

Hello, my name is Youssef, I am a front-end developer in AnyMind’s AnyFactory team and in this blog I’d like to discuss the differences between working with React.js and Next.js. Both of which we use here at AnyMind. React has been around since 2013 and was developed internally at Facebook…

Hi, I’m Minh Khoi, a front-end developer at AnyMind Group. In this article, I’m going to introduce to you what is a test pyramid in a software product, and to be more specific: a front-end project.

The problem in software testing

In my experience, automation tests provide the facility to record/run a series of interactions…


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